How to Change PTCL WIFI Password?

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password

PTCL is a renewed company specializing in delivering communication and internet services and infrastructure to connect people across Pakistan and all other countries. To provide internet services, the company offers different routers and modems by various brands.

However, PTCL is considered the largest telecommunication & internet service provider in Pakistan that has won more than 0.8 million customers. The company has successfully maintained its ranking by providing high-quality internet services to different corners of the country. 

Notwithstanding, a large number of users use PTCL Wi-Fi connections, and many of them don’t know how to change PTCL WIFI password. If you are amongst those people and want to know about its procedure, you have clicked the right site.

Here, you will get to know about the steps to set a new password for your PTCL WIFI and keep it private.

Follow 5 Simple Steps to Change PTCL WIFI Password

If you want to set a new password to your PTCL WIFI, follow these easiest steps and prevent your internet from theft.

Open Web Browser

First of all, you need to open any web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Enter IP Address

Once you have visited any web browser, enter your IP address in the search bar on the top and press Enter. If you use the latest PTCL broadband modems, the IP address should be However, is the common IP address for all broadband services. 

Insert Username and Password

When you have entered the IP address and pressed enter, a dialog box will appear in front of you. It will ask for the Username and Password. Enter the username and password of your PTCL modem. 

Typically, the most common password and username for most of the modems is ‘Admin.’ If you don’t know the username and password of your modem, it is written on its box or at the back of the modem.

Enter PTCL Admin Panel

Then there is an admin panel domain. You can find this option by clicking PTCL modem settings. On the left side of the admin panel, you will see the ‘Wireless’ option and click on it. From the given list, click on ‘Security,’ and a full form will preview from the right side of the admin panel. Scroll down, and you will see the ‘WPA/WAPI’ Passphrase bar.

Change PTCL WIFI Password

Click on the ‘WPA/WAPI passphrase bar’ option and choose ‘Change your Wi-Fi Password.’ After clicking on it, set your new password and click on the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom. Your PTCL Wi-Fi password has been changed.

How to Change an Admin Password?

If you also want to change the Admin password, the steps are given below:

It is important to change the PTCL admin password so that no one could access your router when you give your Wi-Fi password to someone. However, in order to change the admin password, enter your IP address in the browser along with the username and password and log in.

Now, click on management in the menu and click on ‘Access Control.’ Then enter the username, old password, new password, confirm password, and apply. Your admin password has been successfully changed.

Your PTCL WIFI password has been changed with these easy steps. After changing the password, restart the PTCL WIFI router to update it. Moreover, when you connect any device with the Wi-Fi, you need to enter the new set password before connecting it. Nevertheless, if your device has already connected to the Wi-Fi, you need to click on ‘forget password’ and again enter the new password. 

Final Words

I hope these five steps have helped you to change your Wi-Fi password. Yet, if you still face any problem regarding your Wi-Fi connection or its password, you can immediately contact your service-providing company. 

Now, if you feel that your internet is being consumed more than you actually use, it means that someone is using your Wi-Fi without your permission. In that case, just follow these effortless steps and change your PTCL Wi-Fi password straightaway.


How can I know that my Wi-Fi is being stolen?

You can conduct a short experiment by disconnecting all devices from your Wi-Fi. The wireless router has indicator lights that show internet connectivity. After disconnecting all devices, if the lights are still showing connectivity, it means someone is using your Wi-Fi.

How can I see the password of my Wi-Fi?

You can see your Wi-Fi password from the Wi-Fi status_. Select Wireless Properties, go to the Security tab, and click on Show Characters Check Box. Your Wi-Fi password will display on your screen.

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