Telenor Speed Test | Check Your Telenor 3G/4G Internet Speed

Knowing how fast the internet device works is the desire of many internet users. It’s because many times they face internet issues that frustrate them and then end up buying new devices or opting for new service providers. Do you know how much it affects your budget and your workload? Looking at these conditions now, Telenor- the best network in Pakistan is offering a service to check the internet speed.

Besides that, this service provider is at number two with almost 17.84 million satisfied consumers. It’s because this internet service provider has not just delivered the most affordable packages but also offered the speed test facility. What is it? Well, many of you have faced internet issues right and to know what the speed of your device is you have to conduct the Telenor speed test.

Many of you are not aware of this; therefore, to assist you to have shared all the detailed information about the Telenor internet speed test in this article.

So, without any further details let’s jump in.

What Is the Telenor Speed Test?

Telenor is the best internet service provider that offers the best and the most affordable packages to its consumers. Still, sometimes users might face issues in the internet speed; thus, to overcome these issues Telenor has offered the new service. It’s an internet speed test. By conducting this test you will be able to get to know about the actual speed of your device that you have.

Suppose it’s below the average speed of Telenor, you can easily contact the service provider or locate the route causing factors to improve your speed test.

What Does A Speed Test Really Tell?

The speed test measures the speed of the internet, but what does the speed test tell us? Many of the users are not wares but the speed test is delivered in mega and kilobytes per second. Along with that, you will get to know about the downloading, uploading speed, and latency of the deice

What are they? Relax if you are not aware of these terms here is the brief introduction

  • Latency

The latency is long known as the pig. It’s the time in milliseconds that the signals take to go to the server. Basically, when you will conduct the Telenor internet check test you will see the latency rate your device has. If you have no idea what is the ideal latency rate, then let me tell you that according to the service providers the low latency rate is absolutely fine. It helps to have the best gaming and video chatting sections.

  • Downloading Speed

Downloading speed is delivered in Mbps; this is the speed that is used to download multiple files and gamers on the device. Hence, the average downloading speed of Telenor is 72.05 Mbps, if you are facing low speed then you can directly contact the service providers or seek the easiest way to get it fixed.

  • Uploading Speed

It’s the speed that is used to send the data to multiple sources. When you have larger attachments this speed will be affected. Hence, if you see your uploading speed low see what the factors that are causing this problem are.

Why Is It Compulsory To Check The Telenor Internet Speed?

I have seen many users asking why it is compulsory to conduct the test when they are asked to perform it. Let me tell you that there can be multiple reasons but the most highlighted among all is that there are many consumers that rush towards the complaint box. Do you know what eventually happens? Their reputation is affected when they come to know that it was their fault behind the slow speed. There are some mistakes that users make and then go to the complaint box and end up getting embarrassed.

Thus, to prevent yourself from this situation it is advised by the service provider to conduct the speed test once.

How to Conduct the Telenor 4g Speed Test?

To conduct the speed test:

  • Go to
  • Search Telenor 4g speed test in the menu and open the page
  • The tool will locate your areas automatically.
  • After that, the response time will be determined before calculations.
  • Then your return rate will be measured after download speed.

Website Lists

Sometimes users face issues in this process, hence, to make things easier I have shared the list of websites that offer the one-click speed test tool.


What Factors Affect Internet Speed?

There can be multiple factors that affect internet speed. Some of them are given below. Once you have the idea about these threads you will know clearly why your internet speed is low.

  • You are using exposed copper wires.
  • You have placed your modem near the heavy transmission cable.
  • Extreme weather conditions are affecting the quality of the router.
  • You are downloading on multiple devices

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATECountryLatency (ms)Jitter (ms)Download Speed (Kbps)Upload Speed (Kbps)

Fastest Cities for Telenor

CityDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Average Ping

Countries Having Telenor Coverage

Below are the countries having the fastest and dependable Telenor internet service:

  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Hungary
  • Malaysia
  • Montenegro
  • Myanmar
  • Norway
  • Pakistan
  • Serbia
  • Sweden
  • Thailand

Telenor Speed Test 2020 Country Wise

Telenor GrameenPhone Speed test 2020
Operator NameDownloadUploadPing?Average Rating?
GrameenPhone6.54 Mbps6.99 Mbps27 ms2/482
Telenor Bulgaria Speed test 2020
Operator NameDownloadUploadPing?Average Rating?
Telenor24.57 Mbps17.61 Mbps67 ms6/138
Telenor Denmark Speed test 2020
Operator Name Download Upload Ping? Average Rating?
Telenor A/S Denmark31.96 Mbps32.01 Mbps20 ms2/149

Telenor EVO 4G Packages

4G 3 Month Bundle4G Monthly Lite4G Monthly Smart4G Monthly Unlimited
Rs. 4000.00Rs. 1500.00Rs. 2500Rs. 6000
Internet: 108 GB (36 GB/ 30 days)Internet: 30 GB + 30 GB Free (1AM to 7AM)Internet: 75 GB + 75 GB Free (1AM to 7AM)Internet: 275 GB
Validity: 90 DaysValidity: 30 DaysValidity: 30 DaysValidity: 30 Days

How to Check Data in Telenor

Checking data on the Telenor is very easy. Just dial*121# for Telenor Data Check.

How to Check Mb in Telenor

Want to know how to Check Mbs on Telenor? It’s pretty simple just dial*999# and you will get all the information regarding the MB.

Telenor Internet Package Check

Once you know how to check the MB, here you will see how to check the remaining MB. So dial *111# and you will get a message regarding the MB left.

Telenor Wifi Device – Price

Telenor not only offers the most affordable bundles but also provides cost-effective Wi-Fi devices. If you want to opt for Telenor Wi-Fi devices here is the price checklist.

Infinity e5Infinity e5 Pro4G WingleInfinity i5
Rs. 9999Rs. 11999Rs. 3300Rs. 7999


Telenor is the number’s second fastest internet service provider globally. With all its afforded packages this internet provider is winning the heart of many users; still, there are some that claim low internet speed. If you are among those who perform the Telenor internet speed test with the threads discussed above. In case of any problem contact the Telenor service providers at Phone: +92 (42) 111 345 100 or Email: [email protected]. Telenor-the smart call.


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