PTCL SPEED TEST – Check Your Internet Speed Now!

Did you know, in Pakistan, there are more than 76.38 million people who use the internet on multiple devices, which means 35% of the total population is internet users all across Pakistan? This is a big part of the population, and you must be one of those internet users who is using the internet for quite some time. But, have you ever wondered if you are getting an ideal internet speed from the Internet Service Providers or not?

Here is the time when you need to check your internet speed by opting for an authentic and accurate speed test tool that tests your internet speed within seconds. Well, the PTCL speed test tool is a free test tool that allows you to check your internet connection speed and measures the quality of your internet with great precision. Not only this, but it also determines the upload, download speed, ping, and jitter rate of your internet.

5 Easiest Steps to Follow for Precise Speed Test PTCL Results

Before initiating the speed test, shut all the devices that are consuming the internet because its speed can be slowed down if numerous devices are connected with the internet.
VPN may slows down your internet speed, so it’s always better to disconnect your VPN.
Closed every other tabs or apps that are consuming the internet from the internet device that you are doing test with, because it may fluctuate the internet’s upload and download speed.
Restart your browser & modem before executing the speed test. This would be more effective in the precision of results.
Connect your device directly to the modem instead of WiFi while conducting the internet speed test.

Note: Perform the PTCL speed test 3 to 4 times for more precise outcomes.

Done with the speed test? Now identify the results

Do you think knowing about just internet speed is enough? No! Understanding the other important terms are as important as your speed . These terms help you understand exactly which part of the internet speed is lacking while on browsing or downloading. These important terms are:

Upload Speed
Download Speed

Want to know more? Let’s discuss these One by One!

What is upload Speed?

The upload speed is the speed at which the data is transferred from your PC or mobile phone to the internet. The faster the upload speed, the faster your data would be uploaded on online platforms.

The upload speed includes sending emails, playing online video games, video calling on WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber, data backup from G-Drive or Cloud, posting pictures or videos on websites or social media, or working on live cloud-hosted documents like Google Docs and so on.

What is download Speed?

The download speed is the rate at which the information is transferred from the internet to your device; PC or mobile phone. 

Some common activities which usually depend on download speed include viewing websites, streaming online movies, shopping online, scrolling through social media, YouTube surfing & much more!

Do you know what your internet upload and download speed is? You can smoothly and effortlessly find out these speeds by testing your internet connection using the free PTCL speed test tool and get to know about your internet connection speed.

Do you know?

PTCL is the largest CDMA operator all across Pakistan, which is being used by probably more than 1.4 million users. PTCL offers you the freedom to choose any payment method, either prepaid or postpaid.

What is Ping and Jitter?

Ping is also called latency or delay, which measures the time consumed in transferring data or information from one place to another. Ping refers to the awareness of the connection, which does not rely on the upload or download speeds.

On the other side, jitter is the disparity in the ping, which can be visually represented as the low jitter score. The jitter indirectly depends upon the ping rate. The higher the jitter score, the more inconsistent is the connection response time. For instance, the higher jitter scores, the more it results in broken voice calls, poor video quality, or malfunction internet connection.

The tool offers credibility and other benefits

PTCL speed test tool is a free online tool that analyzes your internet connection and identifies its speed. On the contrary, you must need a tool that tests your internet speed smoothly, effortlessly, and reliably; this is the time when you need our PTCL speed test tool.

Using this tool, you can measure the quality of your internet connection. Not only this, below are the features offered by the PTCL tool:

  • The tool helps you calculate your internet speed anytime, anywhere, all across Pakistan.
  • You can execute the test on any device; laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • The PTCL tool also enables you to know whether your internet is getting the required speed or not.
  • Besides, the tool also lets you know your internet’s actual speed and how much speed you are getting.

3 Incredible Benefits of PTCL Speed Test Tool

Above and beyond, below are some benefits you would get if you pick the PTCL tool to test your internet connection. 

  • This tool is proficient in testing your broadband speed and let you know if you are getting accurate results or not. In short, it enables you to understand whether your internet is providing you its actual speed or it is slow. 
  • This test resolves many issues just like, it guides you that you have a reliable internet package, or do you need to upgrade your internet package to a more efficient one. 
  • The PTCL test tool also analyzes the ping rate, upload, and download speed. It gives you information about how much Mbps have been used in uploading and downloading.

Did you know?

Presently, PTCL offers a Fiber GPON package of 100 Mbps, the fastest internet package proposed by the PTCL in Pakistan. The monthly cost for this premium package is PKR 7,500 only. 

On the flip side, the fastest internet speed worldwide with an average connection speed is 25.3 Mbps, which is contained by South Korea. However, on the second number, Hong Kong holds an internet speed of 16.3 Mbps and then Japan on the third with 16 Mbps of connection speed.

6 Common Root Causes that make your Internet Slow

We live in a time where internet speed is so important to day-to-day activities, and what could be worse than you getting only up to the 50 Mbps speed results, however, you have paid for 100 Mbps internet? No matter how fast your internet is, there is some time when it decelerates its speeds, and there are some root causes behind it.

I would let you know six common root causes that may slow down your internet speed, and by troubleshooting these issues, you would get skyrocket speed.

These causes include:

1. Type of Internet Connection

The type of internet connection you are using is the most important factor in your internet speed. There are three types of internet connection; DSL, dial-up, and cable.

Check out your internet connection type. However, if you have a dial-up internet connection, it may be the reason for the slow internet. So try a DSL or cable connection, which is a relatively faster internet than that of dial-up.

2. Excessive Applications

The more applications you install to your device, the more they consume the internet. Make sure you install only those apps on your device that are necessary because it may affect your internet speed. Other than applications, try to store your stuff in cloud storage so that your internet is being consumed less and provides an ideal speed.

3. Computer Viruses

Computer viruses can also be a huge cause of slow internet speed. No doubt these viruses slow down the whole computer system, but they also affect your internet connection. The reason is that these viruses are multiplied into hundreds within minutes, which consumes the internet connection and slows down its speed. Usually, these viruses do not indicate that they are running; the best way to get rid of them is to run antivirus software.

4. Too numerous Online Ads

Another reason could be the online advertisements that you watch while using any website or other online forum. Although these ads are quite attractive and eye-catching, sometimes, they could be the reason to slow internet speed. The reason is that; they also consume the internet to run on websites. To get rid of these ads, you can install an ad blocker to your device, which avoids ads, and your internet speed would improve.

5. Numerous Tabs Open

You may want to open your web pages quickly, but they aren’t opening as quickly as you want; the reason could be multiple tabs opening in the browser. Your internet speed starts to slow down with the increase of tabs, and it takes much time to open and load websites. Try to open only a few tabs that you need.

6. Line or Modem

Last but not least, it is possible that your line or modem may have a problem that could be one of the common causes of slow internet speed. It could be the reason for poor line connection, or your modem is out of date. So, watch out for your internet modem or cable connection, which upsets the internet speed.

Besides all these root causes, there could also be some other reasons that make your internet slow. However, if you could not find any of the causes as discussed above, you can simply consult Internet Service Providers, report a problem, and ask them to resolve the problem immediately.

How to make your Internet Speed Faster?

You must have ever wondered if you could get faster internet speed than its normal speed. Well, it’s not rocket science; all you need is to follow a few ways to make your internet superfast.

However, before starting, perform an internet speed test first to get to know the actual speed you are getting right now.

Below are some surefire tricks that make your internet fast.

1. Remove Cache Data

When you generally delete some files, images, videos, or other data from your device, it is still stored in the cache memory. However, if your PC contains a lot of data in your cache memory, you can delete and empty the cache file. This would definitely speed up your internet.

2. Change Router Location

You usually complain about the slow internet speed, but have you ever tried to change the router position. You can enhance the speed of your internet just by minimizing the distance between the router and PC. Try to keep your router as near to the device as possible. I promise this would affect your internet speed.

3. Use Ethernet

You must have been thinking that Wi-Fi is more convenient and appropriate than that of a wired connection. But if you really want to boost your internet speed, opt for the Ethernet connection. It not only enhances the speed of the internet but also reduces the jitter score, which results in qualitative internet.

So, these were some hacks and tricks, which will surely skyrocket your internet speed, and you won’t have to wait for hours to load each site. Enjoy superfast internet and get online sites loaded with the blink of an eye.

Did you know?

Right now, PTCL has been the fastest developing wireless network all across Pakistan. Not only this, it is hiring the exclusive EVDO Rev-A and Rev-B technologies, which is widely spreading its wireless broadband network reportage. 

Other than this, presently, PTCL has reached more than 120 cities in Pakistan with its super-fast 3G service, and you can avail of this service anywhere with countrywide portability. 

Amazing and Best PTCL Internet Packages in Pakistan

Presently, PTCL is offering the best broadband and wireless packages, including Charji, EVO, DSL, and PTCL devices. PTCL offers you these internet packages for 30 days with captivating and reasonable prices in a company with the highest speed.

1- Broadband Internet Packages

PTCL broadband package provides you with unlimited internet with different MBs per second. This package offers you fast uploading and downloading speed all over Pakistan. Here is the complete list of PTC Unlimited Internet Bundle along with the speed rate and charges.

Package NameSpeed RateData (GBs)ValidityCharges (PKR)
PTCL Unlimited InternetUp to 6 MbpsUnlimited30 Days1,750
PTCL Unlimited InternetUp to 8 MbpsUnlimited30 Days2,150
PTCL Unlimited InternetUp to 15 MbpsUnlimited30 Days2,650
PTCL Unlimited InternetUp to 25 MbpsUnlimited30 Days3,200
PTCL Unlimited InternetUp to 50 MbpsUnlimited30 Days5,000
PTCL Unlimited InternetUp to 100 MbpsUnlimited30 Days7,500

Now you can enjoy unlimited internet with an outstanding speed using the broadband package for online gaming, social networking, data processing, or unlimited videos at quite reasonable prices. However, the tax in these mentioned rates is not included. 

To get this broadband internet package, call 1218 or visit the nearest PTCL shop for more information.

2- Charji EVO Internet Package

Charji EVO is a reliable and efficient wireless PTCL device that also offers you some great internet packages. The good thing about these devices is that you can move them anywhere with you; no matter where you are traveling, just keep it in your pocket and enjoy unlimited data surfing anywhere anytime.

You can pay the charges for these devices in both ways; prepaid or postpaid; anyhow, here is the number of data you would get along with their prices.

Device PackageData (GBs)ValidityCharges (PKR)
Charji Device Package2030 Days1,000
Charji Device Package3030 Days1,250
Charji Device Package5030 Days1,500
Charji Device PackageUnlimited30 Days1,999

Enjoy unlimited internet data with no hidden charges, and the affordable prices are broadening with all taxes. Now you can play unlimited online video games, watch movies, social networking, internet surfing, and whatnot for the whole month.

To get the Charji Internet Device, visit the nearest PTCL shop and purchase the Charji internet device. You would get this device at 2,500 PKR and experience an ultra-fast LTE internet speed with enabled cities.

Click here to get to know more about the PTCL Service Centers in certain areas.


How to change the PTCL Wi-Fi password?

You can effortlessly change your PTCL Wi-Fi password just by performing a few steps.

  • Open your web browser, and in the search bar, type or and press enter.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Type Admin in both fields; username and password.
  • Click on Wireless and then on Security.
  • Search for the WAPI or WPA Passphrase Bar option.
  • Click on this bar and set a new password.
  • Click Apply and your PTCL Wi-Fi password is changed now.

How can I fix my PTCL slow speed?

If you find your internet speed is slower than its actual speed, it means there is some interruption in your network. But don’t worry! You can smoothly fix it on yourself.

  • Know about how many devices are connected with the internet connection, as discussed earlier, and reduce the number of connections for better speed.
  • The location of the router also matters a lot. Make sure your internet connection is accessing the router correctly to enhance its speed.
  • Besides, the root cause of poor internet can be the poor router. Hence, it is better to troubleshoot your internet speed by replacing the old router with the new and reliable one.
  • Still, if you could not understand any cause, consult the Internet Service Provider and ask them to troubleshoot your internet speed.

What are the best internet service providers in Pakistan?

There are many Internet Service Providers in Pakistan that provide decent packages as well as fast speed. These internet services include:

  • PTCL (1.4 million Consumers)
  • Fiberlink
  • WiTribe
  • Storm Fiber

I have written a detailed guide about them that why and how these are the best in 2021 with facts and figures. Check out the complete guide here.