Wateen Speed Test | Check your Wateen Internet Speed

Wateen is a number one communication service provider that launched the WiMax network country-wide in 2005 and started its operation in 2007. It’s said the Wateen is the equivalent of a waird network and its function is to limit the internet, enterprise solution, voice, and multimedia.

Hence, no matter, if you are using 4mbpc or 100mbs either for business or personal use, Wateen, ensures that their customers get robust internet speed. Not just that all their packages are affordable and dependable. This massive network is providing this service across 131 cities in Pakistan.

But wait, are you facing any problem with your internet speed? In which area you are living? Because according to Wateen the internet speed varies across the area. So, you might be tired of the internet speed and looking for a solution. Well, here I a solution, basically to conduct a Wateen internet speed test is the best solution to get rid of this issue.

But what is the Wateen speed test? And how you can conduct this speed test. Relax! I am here will all the detailed guide that will allow you to perform a complete speed test Wateen.

So, let’s get started and see some other significant detail about this amazing network provider.

How to Conduct a Wateen Internet Speed Test?

Now that you have known that your internet speed is causing errors. Here I am with the simplest guide to perform the Wateen speed test in just a few steps. Once you conduct that test match it with the Wateen internet speed and contact the provider to get your internet speed fixed.

  • Go to your browser and type www.speedcheckonline.com
  • The tool will automatically locate your areas.
  • Before calculation, the response time will be determined.
  • After download speed, your return rate will be measured.
  • After that you will get your internet speed you can either share it or download it according to your preference.

Parameters Measured in Wateen Speed Test

Do you know what is actually measured in a speed test? If not, here is the list of some factors that matter in a speed test. According to these metrics, your internet speed test is measured accurately.

  • Delay time (ping)

Ping is also known as the delay time during which a data package reaches and returns to the server. Usually, it is said that the smaller the pig the better will be the internment speed. 

This is the average time during which a data packet reaches the remote server and returns.

  • Download Speed

To total data that you have used in calculated for a certain period. Thi value determines the quality of the video and how much time it takes while downloading.

  • Upload speed

Upload speed is the overall amount of data that is sent for a specific period. Along with the larger attachments, this parameter affects the duration of sending messages or any emails.

Why is the Speed Test Conducted?

It happens many times where people replace their routers just because they think that it’s having some kind of error. Well, it’s not like that it’s your internet speed that causes issues. Therefore, an internet speed test is conducted to know the actual speed of your router.

Well, a speed test measures the accurate speed of your internet through which you can have an idea if you are facing any issue or not. Usually, the average download speed of wateen is 8.7mbs if you have read less than this then you can complain to the service providers.

What Factors Affect the Wateen Internet Speed?

Do you know that several factors can affect your internet speed? Well, yes it’s true. You might not know that the place of your router affects your internet speed. So, let’s have a look at some other strands that can affect your internet speed. So that you can cure them immediately instead of replacing your router

Exposed Copper Wires

Copper wires are considered the best wires for internet connection. Have you used copper wires and are still facing Internet speed issues? Do you have any idea what is the main point that is causing hindrance? Well, let me tell you that exposing copper wires is the issue that is affecting your Internet quality badly. 

There are many cases where users fold and place the wires out of their houses in rough places. Ultimately that affects the quality of wires. Once they are exposed they lack their functionality and you start facing internet issues. 

Therefore, use high sealed copper wires and make sure to place them in safe places

Heavy Transmission Cable 

Are you among those who have placed their router near their electric meter? Well, if yes then do you know how worse it can be for your Internet speed? 

Heavy transmission cables are able to have dangerous effects on the electric tools and wires placed near them. They make their quality low through strong electronic signals. 

Hence, you get slow Internet speed. Therefore, to have the best quality wateen providers advise their consumers to have their router or modem in their houses. This will surely aid them in having excellent Internet speed.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Well, it’s a natural process that is not under the control of anybody but you can take some preventive measures. Usually, harsh weather conditions like heavy rain and air affect the wires or modem when they are placed under the sky. 

Therefore, choose the best, shaded, and snug place for your router so that you can have distortion-free Internet service.

Downloading on Multiple Devices

You might have no idea but downloading heavy files at the same time on multiple devices affects your internet speed. Hence, not just the wateen service providers but the experts suggest downloading one file at one time so that you do not face any issue while working.

Things to do Before Wateen Internet Speed Test

So now you have gathered massive ideas about the wateen speed test and how you can conduct it. Still here is one main thing that is vital and beneficial for you to know. In this section, I have discussed some of the steps that you need to take before doing a wateen speed test. While doing this, surely, you will have exact and accurate readings. 

  • Place the modem near you. 
  • Disconnect the Internet from other devices. 
  • Disconnect VPN
  • Refresh router 
  • Clear cache

How to Improve the Wateen Internet Speed?

So after all that significant information here is the time for you to know how you can improve your Internet speed. Below are the threads that you need to follow. 

  • Place router indoor
  • Use high sealed copper wires. 
  • Clear cache regularly 
  • Download one file each time 
  • Place router near you

Areas under wateen telecom services

According to wateen providers their internet services are offered among more than 131 cities and towns of Pakistan. Hence, below are the regions where wateen has the most users and excellent internet speed.

  • Bahawalpur
  • Peshawar
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Quetta
  • Battagram
  • Karachi
  • Burewala
  • Chiniot
  • Hyderabad
  • Kasur
  • Lahore
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Islamabad
  • Multan
  • Sargodha
  • Sahiwal
  • Sialkot

Fastest Cities of Wateen Telecom

City Avg Download Speed (Mbps) Avg Upload Speed (Mbps) Avg Ping (ms)
Gujar Khan1492432
Atharan Hazari Mor134332
Mian Channu858014

Latest Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)

Average Results of Wateen Telecom

8.78 Mb/download Speed8.78 Mb/download Speed8.78 Mb/download Speed

Wateen Fiber Packages

Mbps limit RS Cost
4 MbpsTruly Unlimited2,199 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
10 MbpsTruly Unlimited3,499 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
16 MbpsTruly Unlimited3,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
20 MbpsTruly Unlimited4,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
24 MbpsTruly Unlimited4,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
35 MbpsTruly Unlimited5,999 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
0 MbpsTruly Unlimited8,499 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter
100 MbpsTruly Unlimited14,499 PKRFiber cost Rs. 40 per meter

Headquarter of the wateen

So now that you have known all the vital details about wateen internet service and its unlimited bundles. But there are some cases where people face issues region-wise and the whole area is affected by that issue. Therefore, wateen is there to help its prestigious users 24/7. 

Their headquarter is constructed in Lahore that handles all the issues of the wateen users either individual or region-wise. If you are too concerned about your internet speed then you can visit their office. Otherwise, they have their own helpline 111-365-111 or you can also Email them at  [email protected] It’s assured by the providers that you will have the fastest and reliable customer services.


Wateen is the best network among the top-notch Internet service providers of Pakistan is giving the best quality Internet to its users. Not just that the packages are super affordable and long-lasting. Still, sometimes people face Internet issues and immediately move towards the complaint boxes. It ultimately affects customer reputation when they come to know that it was their fault. Therefore, conducting a wateen speed test at your home is a dependable option. Moreover, above are some threads through which you can know what factors affected your Internet speed and how you can cure them. 

So, make your router able to perform best, conduct speed tests, and enjoy unlimited wateen offers.


By offering the optimal Internet connection wateen is ranking among the best Internet networks in Pakistan. It assures a fast, reliable, and Marvelous fiber-optic network to its consumers.

Abid Rasheed is the CEO of the wateen that claims that wateen is the best service provider among all other networks.

  •  Login to customer self-care mobile application or on the self-care web interface. 
  • Add your name and bill number. 
  • You will see your bill on the next screen 
  • Download it or pay through your debit card, VISA or MasterCard easily.

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