it is a free speed test tool that helps you check your internet speed online. This tool enables you to check the broadband connection easily. It is considered one of the leading Internet Service Providers all across Pakistan.

Services offered by Our TOOL!

  • Using the PTCL speed test tool, you can effortlessly check your download and upload speed encompassed with ping and jitter rates. 
  • Not only this, the tool also lets you know about the quality of the internet. 
  • Besides, PTCL tells you about the actual internet speed and how much speed you are getting from the service providers.

PTCL Privacy Policy

When you choose the PTCL tool to test the speed, we collect only required information to test the internet speed of users. The policy involves:

  • Just like other websites, we also leaves some cookies to your page which are used to store information like your preferences and the pages you visited. This data is used to optimize the site according to the visitor’s searching.
  • These cookies would also take your consent in the form of ‘enable’ or ‘disable’ cookies. If you don’t want to share any of this information, you can simply disable cookies.
  • According to CCPA Privacy Rights, your data would not be shared with any third party and it would be protected under strict policies.