Spectrum Internet Ultra – All You Need to Know

Spectrum Internet Ultra – All You Need to Know

In today’s modern world, over 60 % of the global population has shifted to the Internet. It tells that having access to the internet has become the need of the hour. 

If you’re a student, a working professional, or even a passionate gamer, fast and stable internet is crucial for your daily online activities. And that’s where Spectrum Internet Ultra comes into play.

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll take a look at what is Spectrum Internet Ultra, its features, benefits and possible drawbacks. Let’s get started.

What is Spectrum Internet Ultra? 

In the vast internet plans, Spectrum brings a standout option with its Internet Ultra plan. It is a mid-tier spectrum internet plan that comes after the spectrum standard internet plan and before the Gig plan. Through this plan, you will get a download speed of 500 Mbps with a 20 Mbps upload speed. 

While it is not as fast as the Gig plan, Spectrum Ultra outpaces the basic Spectrum Internet offering. In fact, users can expect at least double the download speed of the standard plan.

Spectrum Ultra Plan and Pricing 

Spectrum’s Standard Internet plan costs $49.99 monthly. For paying just an extra $20, you will get the Spectrum Ultra plan for the promotional price of $69.99 each month.

Here’s all what Spectrum Ultra offers:

  • Download Speeds: Up to 500 Mbps. That’s half a Gig of internet speed.
  • Upload Speeds: Up to 20 Mbps.
  • You can connect 8 high-bandwidth devices without any hitches. 
  • Free Antivirus Suite
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Free Modem Rental: No hidden charges or added expenses for the modem.
  • Spectrum Mobile: You can hop onto Spectrum Mobile, known for its affordability.

Pricing Breakdown and Hidden Charges 

When first looking at Spectrum Internet Ultra, the $69.99/month fee initially seems attractive. But after the first year, this price can go up to $99.99/month. That’s a significant 43% increase! 

Also, you have to pay a $5 monthly fee for the WiFi router; however, the modem is free. You can also purchase your own equipment, like a router or modem.

When it comes to installation, around $24.99 is the fee for self-installation, and if you get a professional installation, you will have to pay up to $49.99 for it. 

Overall, the final monthly price for spectrum ultra package reaches up to $104.99, which is relatively high.

 Note: Always check the fine details when considering any internet plan.

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Spectrum Internet Ultra vs Other Spectrum Internet Plans: Comparison 

Spectrum Internet PackageDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPromo PriceDuration After 12 Months
Spectrum Internet Standard300 Mbps10 Mbps$49.99/Mo12 Months$79.99
Spectrum Internet Ultra500 Mbps20 Mbps $69.99/Mo12 Months$99.99
Spectrum Internet Gig1 Gbps35 Mbps$89.99/Mo12 Months$119.99

When picking an internet plan, it’s essential to find one that fits your needs perfectly. For example, the Standard plan might be suitable if you’re a solo user or live in a small household. On the other hand, the Gig plan is tailored for those who are always online, managing heavy uploads and regular video calls. However, this plan has quite a higher price tag.

The Spectrum Ultra offers a significant boost in speed and performance for just an extra $20 compared to the Standard plan. That’s why many people see this special internet plan as the ideal choice.

Spectrum Double Play Packages 

Bundle Plan Download Speed Number Of ChannelsPrice
Spectrum Double Play SelectStarting From 200 Mbps125+ Hd Channels $89.98 Per Month
Spectrum Double Play Silver Starting From 200 Mbps 175+ Hd Channels$119.98 Per Month
Spectrum Double Play Gold Starting From 200 Mbps 200+ Hd Channels$139.98 Per Month 

Spectrum Triple Play Packages

Bundle Plan Download Speed Number Of ChannelsPrice
Spectrum Triple Play SelectStarting From 200 Mbps125+ Hd Channels $102.97 Per Month
Spectrum Triple Play Silver Starting From 200 Mbps 175+ Hd Channels$132.97 Per Month 
Spectrum Triple Play Gold Starting From 200 Mbps 200+ Hd Channels$152.97 Per Month

Spectrum Internet: Download and Upload Speeds 

Spectrum Internet: Download and Upload Speeds 

In today’s world, where HD streaming and virtual meetings have become the norm, how fast you can upload and download matters a lot. 

When it comes to the 300 Mbps plan, Spectrum offers a 10 Mbps upload speed. This speed is suitable for many but not for all. This might slow things down if you’re trying to transfer large files. 

Spectrum Ultra offers an upload speed of up to 20 Mbps and a download speed of 500 Mbps. This shows a huge difference in upload and download speed which is called asymmetric speed delivery.

Plus, the Spectrum Gig plan offers a download speed of 1000 mbps as well as the upload speed is upto 35 mbps, which is 40 times faster than basic internet plan.

On a big scale, when you compare Spectrum packages to fiber giants like AT&T or Fios, you see a big difference. These providers offer speeds ranging from 500 to 1,000 Mbps in many of their plans, making Spectrum’s speeds pretty modest.

Why is Spectrum Ultra the Go-To Option? 

Here’s why you might want to consider making this internet plan your top choice:

1. Speed 


The first and foremost reason is the speed – it offers download speeds of up to 500 Mbps and an upload speed of 20 Mbps. This fast speed leads to smooth streaming, efficient video conferencing, and uninterrupted online gaming. Ultimately, it makes a big difference for a large family.

2. No Agreement

What’s great about Spectrum Ultra is that you’re not tied down. Spectrum ensures a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes its customers more satisfied. 

No Agreement

3. Data without Limits 

With this plan, you get unlimited data. So, whether you’re on streaming or working on big online projects, you won’t have to keep one eye on your data usage.

4. Safe and Secure Browsing 

Safe and Secure Browsing 

With going this internet package, your online safety is a priority. They offer a free internet modem and an extensive security suite to protect you from threats. This includes virus removal, parental controls, and more, ensuring your browsing is fast and safe.

5. Customized for Your Needs 

Spectrum Ultra is the perfect pocket-friendly internet plan. It’s designed for those needing more than basic speeds but not ready for the super-charged Gig plan. It’s about getting what you need without overspending.

Pros and Cons of Spectrum Ultra 

Like any service, this internet package has its pros and cons:


  • Transparent pricing.
  • Sturdy 99.9% network reliability.
  • Freedom of unlimited data.
  • No need for an annual contract.
  • Access to Spectrum’s nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots.


  • Price hikes after the promotional period.
  • Fluctuating wireless Internet speeds.
  • Slower upload speeds than competitors.

How to Self-Install Your Spectrum Internet?

How to Self-Install Your Spectrum Internet

Setting up Spectrum on your own is a user-friendly process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

  1. Attach one end of the coaxial cable to your modem; the other end should be connected to your wall’s cable outlet.
  2. Turn on the modem. Wait for the status light to stabilize, which usually takes around 5 minutes. This light indicates that the modem is ready.
  3. Take the Ethernet cable, which usually comes with the box, and connect your modem and router.
  4. To get everything up and running, call Spectrum or visit their online portal to activate your service.
  5. If you run into any issues or need to adjust specific settings, Spectrum’s online resources are there to guide you. They offer a wealth of information for troubleshooting and customization.


Spectrum presents a mix of cost, speed, and quality. Its perfect pricing plans and fantastic features position it as a top choice in internet services. If you’re not sure about which internet plan to go for. The balance and efficiency of Spectrum Ultra could be the push you’re looking for. As you’ve known what Spectrum Internet Ultra is and what other internet plans offer, now you can easily pick the best Spectrum plan according to your needs and requirements.

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