Fiberlink Speed Test | Check Your Fiberlink Internet Speed

Out of 243 internet service providers in Pakistan, Fiberlink is ranking at the 47th position. While maintaining its reputation this network is providing brilliant internet service to its users. So, if you are a fiberlink have you ever wondered what will be the speed of Fiberlink internet?

If this question has never come to your mind then it’s the right time to check the Fiberlink internet speed? But how can you do it? Well, it’s simple; you just have to conduct the Fiberlink speed test.

Many users are not aware of this term. Hence, if you are among those users today I have shared some detailed information related to Fiberlink and its speed test.

So, let’s have a look at it in-depth.

What Is Fiberlink Internet Speed Test?

Fiberlink is a network that offers affordable packages to its customers. The speed test is conducted to check the internet speed of the devices. This test is based on the ping (latency), download speed, and uploading speed.

Ping is the delay that happens in transferring the data. Download speed is the rate that the device takes to download any file. However, the upload speed is the speed that the device uses to load any file or media.

Thus, when you perform the Fiberlink speed test you will have detailed information about this in a speed test. Depending on the rate you can easily contact the service providers in terms of any issues.

How to Conduct Fiberlink Internet Speed Test?

When it comes to performing the Fiberlink speed test it’s simple as pie. You just have to follow the options listed below:

  • Go to
  • Search Fiberlink internet speed test in the menu and open the page
  • The tool will locate your area automatically.
  • The response time and return rate will be determined before calculations.
  • Download it or share the speed test according to your preference.

Factors Affecting Internet Speed

Sometimes there are users that face internet issues neglecting the fact that their own mistakes are affecting their internet speed. Therefore, if you are a Fiberlink user, see whether you are following the same methods or not. As these are some main causes behind slow internet speed.

  • Exposed copper wires are attached to the modem.
  • Heavy transmission cables are placed near the router/modem.
  • You are downloading on multiple devices
  • You have your router attached outside the house.

Ways to Improve Internet Speed

Following are the finest ways through which you can improve your internet speed:

  • Use sealed wires
  • Place router near you while working
  • Work on one device at one time.
  • Never place the router outside the house.

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATECountryLatency (ms)Jitter (ms)Download Speed (Kbps)Upload Speed (Kbps)
2021-08-10 Pakistan2121954413615
2021-08-10 Pakistan2212022513605
2021-08-10 Pakistan34234159477
2021-08-10 Pakistan63129555374
2021-08-09 Pakistan5574037170
2021-08-09 Pakistan411876719215

Fastest Fiberlink Cities

CityDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Average Ping
Chak Five Hundred Seventy-five728610
Thatta Sadiqabad39384
Bahria Town37353

Fiberlink Internet Packages

NamesThe speed at Day Time
(9:00am to 2:30am)
The speed at Night-Time
(2:30am to 9:00am)
Monthly Charges
Yearly Charges
Installation Charges
Upgrade 16MbpsUpload: 16Mbps

Download: 16Mbps
Upload: 32Mbps

Download: 32Mbps
Upgrade 25MbpsUpload: 25Mbps

Download: 25Mbps
Upload: 50Mbps

Download: 50Mbps
Upgrade 50MbpsUpload: 50Mbps

Download: 50Mbps
Upload: 100Mbps

Download: 100Mbps
100 MbpsUpload: 100Mbps

Download: 100Mbps
Upload: 200Mbps

Download: 200Mbps
New 250MbpsUpload: 250Mbps

Download: 250Mbps
Upload: 500Mbps

Download: 500Mbps
New 500MbpsUpload: 500Mbps

Download: 500Mbps
Upload: 1Gbps



Both are the best networks. The only difference is that the stormfiber is a bit more expensive than Fiberlink.

Yes, Fiberlink is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Abbottabad, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad.

Yes, Fiberlink is an unlimited network offering affordable data packages to its valuable users.


Fiberlink is another best network in Pakistan offering vast and budget-friendly packages to the customers. Therefore, if you are a Fiberlink user then it is advised to perform the Fiberlink speed test with the brief methods discussed above. This way will help you to enjoy this maxing network without any hindrance.