Ptcl Evo Charji Speed Test | Check Your Ptcl Charji Speed

Ptcl is the best internet service provider in Pakistan. This network is spreading its roots by introducing EVO 3G/ 4G internet devices across the country. This network also offers EVO 3G/4G internet dongles that are cost-effective and offer fastest internet speed.  Although the bundles of this network are limited, this service provides the fastest and hindrance-free services to its users. Well, it’s not just the end; Pakistanis can now check the speed of their EVO devices anywhere they want to, just to  make sure they are getting unlimited internet speed all time.

Conducting a speed test requires a lot of precautions therefore, to guide you properly, I have listed some details about the Evo charji speed test. So, let’s have a look at this in-depth.

What Is the Ptcl Evo Charji Speed Test?

Evo speed test is a method to check the internet speed of your devices. This method will guide you about your devices’ downloading, uploading speed, and ping. Most of the time, the device you are using has low downloading speed or ping as the internet speed varies according to region.

Therefore, this test is conducted so that you can know about the speed of your 3g or 4 g devices in just a few minutes. In case of any error, you are free to contact the ptcl services providers in your area.

Why Is It Necessary to Conduct Ptcl Evo charji Speed Test?

Not just ptcl Evo but every internet service provider test depends on three main components:

  • Downloading Speed

It’s the speed that your device/ router takes to download any file. This speed is measured in Mbps. Low Mbps determine that your device has a low downloading speed.

  • Uploading Speed

How much time the device takes to transfer any data depends on the uploading speed. Basically, it is the amount that determines the amount of data sent in a specific period.

  • Ping

Ping is also known as latency. It is the data package’s time to reach and return to the server. The lower the ping rate, the better is your internet speed.

Once you have an idea about these elements of your devices, you can easily know the root cause of the low internet speed of your devices. Therefore, it is compulsory to conduct the speed test to know this.

What To Do Before Conducting Speed Test?

Before performing the ptcl charji speed test, you must:

  • Close all running apps on your device
  • Connect Evo to your device
  • The router should be updated
  • The Evo settings should be done already and opened on any site.
  • You must close programs that use the internet.
  • On your Evo Charji Speed test tool, the VPN and Proxy websites should be closed.

How to Conduct an Evo Speed Test?

To check your internet speed:

  • Go to
  • Search Evo speed test in the menu and open the page
  • Hit the start button given on the website.
  • The tool will automatically locate your areas.
  • After some time, you will get your internet speed in front of you that you can share or download according to your preference.

Factors Affecting the Evo Charji Speed

Most of the time, people head towards service providers overlooking the fact that there can be human faults behind low internet speed. Here are human-causing factors that can affect the internet speed of any device.

  • Use of Exposed Copper Wires

Wires play a central role in transmitting data from the server to the devices. Hence, if you are using such a reputable network with mediocre wires, it surely will affect your internet speed. Therefore, internet services providers advised considering high sealed copper wires in this situation. These wires hold the capacity to transmit the data to multiple devices without causing any hindrance. Not just that, their seal is able to bear any kind of weather conditions.

  • Placing Router Near Heavy Wires

Most of the time, users place their router/modem near the electric meter setting to protect their interior look. They are not aware of how badly those transmission wires can affect the quality of the modem and the internet speed. These wires transfer the voltage to the modem that ultimately affects its functioning.

Thus, it is better and safer to place the modem inside your house so that you can have brilliant internet speed all time.

  • Downloading In Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Either unconsciously or in a hurry, users start downloading on multiple devices. As a result, they face very low internet speed. Heavy Mbps are used to download any data while downloading. If you download files on many devices, the Mbps rate will be affected.

So, it’s good to download files on one device at a time. So that you do not face any interruptions during this process.

How to Improve Ptcl Charji Speed?

Having excellent internet speed is very important to perform tasks efficiently. Thus, here is how you can improve your internet speed:

  • Place your router indoor
  • Consider high sealed copper wires.
  • Clear the cache on a regular basis.
  • Download one file at a time.
  • Place the router near you.

Latest 20 Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)

Fastest Cities for Evo

City Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps) Average Ping
Kot Abduilah Jan364090
Kotla Arab Ali Khan342223
Jam Ali Muhammad Kallar3094
Adam Shah262338

Charji New Packages – Nationwide

Sr# Line Rent Volume
1Rs. 1,000/-20GB
2Rs. 1,250/-30GB
3Rs. 1,500/-50GB
4Rs. 1,999/-Unlimited*

Evo 9.3 Mbps Packages

Package Price Volume Validity
MonthlyRs. 7505 GB30 Days
MonthlyRs. 1,00010 GB30 Days
MonthlyRs. 1,25015 GB30 Days
MonthlyRs. 150025 GB30 Days

Ptcl 4g Evo Packages

Product EVO Limitless Volumes Volumes applicable from 1st Dec, 2016
EVO 9.3 (EVO Wingle/Nitro Cloud)25 GB (Rs. 1,250 per month)20 GB (Rs. 1,250 per month)
EVO 9.3 (EVO Wingle/Nitro Cloud)100 GB (Rs. 2,000 per month)40 GB (Rs. 2,000 per month)
CharJi EVO (CharJi USB/CharJi Wingle/CharJi Cloud)35 GB   (Rs. 1,500 per month)30 GB (Rs. 1,500 per month)
CharJi EVO (CharJi USB/CharJi Wingle/CharJi Cloud)100 GB (Rs. 2,000 per month)60 GB (Rs. 2,000 per month)

Charji Evo Cloud Speed

Evo speed varies according to the region. Still, the speed of Evo devices is 5-15 Mbps on the downlink and 2-5 Mbps on the uplink.


Among the 300 internet service providers, the ptcl ranks at 214 positions. While maintaining its reputation, this network offers Evo 3g and 4g devices along with unlimited and affordable Evo 4g packages to its users. Still, sometimes consumers face internet speed issues. Hence, to solve this issue, you can utilize ptcl service to check the internet speed by the steps listed in this article.