Wi-Tribe Speed Test | Check Your Wi-Tribe internet speed

Wi-tribe is another emerging internet service provider getting fame because of its 3G mad 4G fastest networks. These networks are working at their best in four major cities of Pakistan, such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. Are you a Wi-Tribe user and want to claim your internet speed? Before that, let me ask you whether you have conducted a speed test. If not, let me tell you that there can sometimes be your fault behind the internet speed.

Hence, conducting a Wi-Tribe speed test is the possible solution to solve this issue. But is this test, and how can you perform it? Well, relax and don’t baffle yourself as in today’s article I have covered all about Wi-Tribe and its speed test.

Before that, let’s have a clear idea about Wi-Tribe.

Introduction About Wi-tribe

An amazing and fastest internet service provider was launched in 2009 in two significant countries of Pakistan, Lahore and Karachi; after looking at its performances, this network was spread to Islamabad and Rawalpindi with 4g and 3 g networks. Owned by Qatar Telecom, this fantastic network gives LTE services in Lahore and Karachi.

As there is dedicated management controlling all this system efficiently? Therefore, looking at their customer’s satisfaction, they have decided to spread their routes around Pakistan.

Another best thing about this network is that it is among those approved networks: the institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Hence, this could be why the most dependable network in Pakistan now.

What Is Speed Test?

Now that you know what Wi-Tribe is, time for you to know about the speed test; the Internet speed test is an assessment conducted to check the internet speed test. While doing this test, the internet speed is measured in ping, downloading, and uploading. After that, the exact measurements are shown to you.

Why Is It Important to perform Wi-Tribe Speed Test?

Performing speed tests is essential because I have seen many consumers moving toward internet service providers to claim their internet speed. But do you know what happens after that, they end up getting embarrassed. But why? Because sometimes it’s their fault behind the speed issues.

Therefore, before complaining, you need to do this test so that you can save yourself from getting ashamed.

What Factors Affect The Wi-Tribe Speed Test?

As I discussed above, usually it’s the consumer’s fault behind the slow internet speed. Hence, there are so many factors that can affect internet speed. Therefore, I have listed a few of them to have an in-depth idea.

  • Downloading Multiple Things Simultaneously

Sometimes either in hassle or consciously, internet users download heavy files simultaneously and then face slow internet speed. Many consumers are not aware that these factors also affect their internet speed.

Heavy Mbps are used while downloading the file, and the downloading speed of Wi-Tribe is 6.93mbps. When you extend this speed, then it’s sure that you will face issues. Therefore, it is advised to work on one thing at one time instead of loading your router.

  • Placing Router Outdoor

Maintaining the interior is more important for the users now; therefore, they decided to place their router outside their house. They overlook the fact that heavy weather conditions or transition wires can affect the quality of the router and internet speed.

Hence, the service providers suggest having their modem next to them in a safe and shaded place. By doing that, they will certainly face the best quality internet speed.

  • Less Sealed Wires

Using such a reputable internet network and using mediocre wires is not suitable at all. People opt for low-quality and poorly sealed wires that get torn sometimes. Let me tell you that these wires can be another reason you face low internet speed. Therefore, use high sealed copper wires as they hold the ability to transfer high-speed internet. Not just that, they are dependable; they can bear any type of weather conditions.

How to Conduct Wi-Tribe Speedtest?

You have got a lot of ideas about Wi-Tribe and how some issues occur that affect your internet speed. Let’s see now what the speed of your device is. Conduct the speed test by following the successive steps:

  • Go to https://ptclspeedtest.net/
  • Search witribe internet speed test in the menu and open the page
  • The tool will locate your area automatically.
  • The response time will be determined before calculation.
  • Your return rate will be measured after download speed.
  • Share it or download it; you will get your internet speed after that.

Latest Wi-Tribe Internet Speed Tests

DATE Country Latency (ms) Jitter (ms) Download Speed (Kbps) Upload Speed (Kbps)

Fastest Cities of Wi-Tribe

CityDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)Average Ping
Manga Mandi11210

Wi-Tribe Package – Lahore

[LTE]2Mb 50GB14772999
[LTE]3Mbps 50GB16702999
[LTE Student Pkg]3Mbps 50GB(Lahore Only)14052999
[LTE Student Pkg]2Mbps Unlimited(Lahore Only)15742999
[LTE]2MbpsTruly Unlimited18812999
[LTE]3MbpsTruly Unlimited21502999
[LTE]5 Mbps 100GB20152999
[LTE Student Pkg]5Mbps 100GB(Lahore Only)16862999

Wi-Tribe Internet Packages

Basic packages256kbps 412kbps 8GB 8GB 650 750
Starter1mbps 8GB950
standard1mbps15 GB1200

Wi-Tribe LTE Packages

Truly Unlimited Basic Unlimited Flash**
1st Month Free1st Month Free1st Month Free
2Mbps (4Mbps 12AM to 12PM)Rs.1,399*/-MLR2Mbps (50GB)Rs.1,099*/-MLR10MbpsRs.2,849*/-MLR
3Mbps (6Mbps 12AM to 12PM)Rs.1,599*/-MLR3Mbps (50GB)Rs.1,249*/-MLR12MbpsRs.3,599*/-MLR 
5Mbps (10Mbps 12AM to 12PM)Rs.1,799*/-MLR5Mbps (100GB)Rs.1,499*/-MLR15MbpsRs.5,099*/-MLR
7Mbps (14Mbps 12AM to 12PM)Rs.2,299*/-MLR7Mbps (200GB)Rs.1,999*/-MLR20MbpsRs.6,999*/-MLR
Activation Charges: Rs.9,999Limited Time offer: Rs.2,999**For Karachi Rs.2,510+19.5%TaxActivation Charges: Rs.9,999Limited Time offer: Rs.2,999**For Karachi Rs.2,510+19.5%TaxActivation Charges: Rs.9,999Limited Time offer: Rs.2,999**For Karachi Rs.2,510+19.5%Tax

Wi-Tribe Islamabad Helpline

Are you an Islamabad citizen and facing an internet speed issue? You can contact them immediately at 111-187 423 or email them at [email protected].

Wi-tribe assures that the customers will get the fastest response 24/7.

Wi-Tribe Office in Karachi

Wi-tribe has numerous franchises and retailers in Karachi that provide the best internet services with unlimited bundles; hence, if you are in Karachi and decided to opt for this network, below is the list of franchises. You can either contact them or visit them to have the fastest internet speed.

Call And Call CommunicationShop # 6, Plot # 4-C,9Th Badar Commercial DHA Phase 5
Alpha CommunicationShop No1 Area 36 C Landhi No 6
S A CommunicationOpp Programer School House  L-17 Sector 11-C 1
Maymar CommunicationShop#5 Sb 8 Flate 1/2 Maymar Appartement, Sector Z6 Karachi
Baba Communication66- Jilani Centre M A Jinnah Road
Wania CommunicationL-339 Area Korangi 4.
Call And Call CommunicationShop # 6, Plot # 4-C,9Th Badr Commercial DHA Phase 5
Alpha CommunicationShop No1 Area 36 C Landhi No 6


Wi-Tribe is among the most reputable internet service providers in Pakistan. Not just that, it is a network that ICAEW approves. The providers are working leaps and bounds to maintain this reputation to provide the best quality internet and unlimited bundles to their consumers.

Hence, to ensure that you are getting prime quality internet, conduct a Wi-tribe speed test and see the strands you lack. Follow the threads discussed above and make your life easier with Wi-Tribe – industry-firsts.


Wi-tribe offers the quickest 4G and 3G services to Lahore and Karachi. Not just that, this network is working at its best in four major regions of Pakistan, including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.

Yes, you can play unlimited games by using wi-tribe unlimited bundles.

You can pause your 3g wi-tribe data for almost 30 days; for that, you have to pay Rs. 100.

You can alter your device once a month by paying RS—500 only.