What are the Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan?


COVID-19 pandemic somehow kept every person locked in homes, and everyone was seeking some ways that help them spend their time magnificently. Some passed this chronic time by playing video games, and some spent it by watching Netflix. However, many students and teachers were mostly found in Zoom meetings. But what is common in all these situations? These all tasks need a good internet connection to be executed greatly.

Imagine you’re watching your favorite movie, and it stops again and again, or you’ve missed your online exam due to the bad internet connection. However, you must need an internet service provider which delivers good speed, high quality, and right connectivity. But how to get one?

By the end of December 2019. China has been found with the highest number of internet users, which was 854 Million people all across the world.

Since a lot of ISPs have been introduced in Pakistan, which claims to provide the best performance and great excellence, one can get drastically confused to pick the best one. But you don’t need to strive! I have brought a list of the three best internet service providers in Pakistan, which you would never regret reading.

List of Best Internet Service Providers

So below is the list of the best internet service providers in Pakistan. However, after discussing each ISP network, I have compared all of their prices, speed, connectivity, and performance. So keep associated and make the best decision in the end.


PTCL is Pakistan’s first and leading internet service provider, which is a semi-government company. A huge number of the population in the country uses PTCL and is satisfying with its execution. However, the company is based on its copper fiber network that results in providing the fastest internet connection.

With time, PTCL gets upgraded as per the requirements of its consumers. However, it offers some outstanding broadband and EVO device packages that are very affordable and deliver high quality.

PTCL Internet Bundles

Some of these bundles are given below:

PTCL BundlesData (GBs)ValidityCost (PKR)
PTCL 1Mbps1030 days599
PTCL 250MbpsUnlimited30 days1000
PTCL Wingle3030 days1250
PTCL Wingle10030 days2500
PTCL Charji20030 days4000

Not only this, PTCL offers plentiful bundles with high quality, excellent connectivity, great speed, and extremely reasonable prices.

PTCL Coverage Areas

PTCL provides interruption-free internet in the following cities of Pakistan.

  • Lahore
  • Multan
  • Faisalabad
  • Karachi
  • Gujranwala
  • Rawalpindi
  • Sialkot
  • Quetta

Not only these cities but all the nearby regions have access to PTCL internet.

Installation Cost and Time

Since PTCL is associated with the landline so, if you have landline connection in your home, it would cost only 2,499 PKR + tax. However, on the fitting of PTCL along with landline, you would have to pay 5,000 PKR + tax. Moreover, it would take approximately 1 to 2 week days to complete the installation.

Thus, if you want to check your internet speed or some tips to make your internet faster, click here, and enjoy skyrocket internet speed.

Pakistan has about 76.38 million internet users, making it the 10th-largest population of internet users in the world.


StormFiber is Pakistan’s one of the most reliable internet service providers with high ranking and great consumption across the country. However, if you are looking for an excellent internet service provider, go for StormFiber. By choosing this network, you would get top of the line internet speed via which you can enjoy unlimited uploading and downloading time.

StormFiber Internet Bundles

Some of StormFiber bundles are discussed below:

StormFiber BundlesData (GBs)ValidityCost (PKR)
StormFiber 4 MbpsUnlimited30 days1,499
StormFiber Triple TyphoonUnlimited30 days1,999
StormFiber Triple Blizzard Promo 2.0Unlimited30 days2,999
StormFiber Triple ThunderUnlimited30 days4,999
StormFiber 20 MbpsUnlimited30 days2,799

There are further numerous StormFiber broadband packages that provide high quality and unlimited speed internet.

StormFiber Coverage Areas

StormFiber is accessible in the following areas:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Peshawar
  • Faisalabad
  • Multan
  • Gujranwala
  • Quetta
  • Hyderabad
  • Sialkot

Installation Cost and Time

You need to spend only PKR 12,000 excluding tax for a one-year plan. However, if you want to purchase a monthly plan, it would cost PKR 1,200. However, StormFiber takes more time to be installed than PTCL, which takes probably 10 to 15 working days.


Here comes one of the most reputed internet service providers: A Qatar-based company that provides its customers some amazing offers: such as if you install a Wi-Tribe connection for the first time, it will provide you with a Wi-Net TV free of cost. Wi-tribe has been used by many individuals and companies on a daily basis and connects people to each other. This company has accomplished a huge milestone by delivering very reasonable internet bundles to its customers. Not only packages, but Wi-Tribe is also popular for its friendly customer care and decent solutions for them.

Wi-Tribe Internet Bundles

Wi-Tribe offers some exciting bundles at great prices.

Wi-Tribe BundlesData (GBs)ValidityCost (PKR)
Wi-Tribe 3 Mbps basic5030 days1,249
Wi-Tribe 5 Mbps eliteUnlimited30 days2,249
Wi-Tribe 12 Mbps flashUnlimited30 days3,599
Wi-Tribe 15 Mbps flashUnlimited30 days5,099
Wi-Tribe 20 Mbps flashUnlimited30 days6,999

Wi-Tribe Coverage Areas

Wi-Tribe is only useable in a few cities of Pakistan, which are mentioned below:

  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad

However, Wi-Tribe fails does not cover areas other than these.

Installation Cost and Time

Wi-Tribe costs PKR 2,999 over installation but it is a limited time offer. Besides, it takes only one day to fit and you’re ready to enjoy super-fast internet speed.

Installation Price2,499 PKR1,200 PKR2,999 PKR
Installation Time1-2 days10-15 days1 day
Minimum Monthly Charges1,750 PKR1,299 PKR1,249 PKR
Maximum Speed100 Mbps100Mbps400 Mbps


I have enlisted the three best internet service providers in Pakistan, along with their popular yet very affordable bundles. I also mentioned the most compatible converge areas where these networks perfume their best and successfully provide you high-quality internet with great speed and connectivity. However, watch out for your area and choose the best ISP that suits your requirements.

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