How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Internet Speeds You’re Paying for?

How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Internet Speeds You’re Paying for

It is sometimes very disappointing when internet service providers offer the highest speed of the internet, but they fail to provide so later on. Especially in this age, the internet consumers have increased drastically, and everyone wants the fastest internet speed. Hence it could be quite challenging to provide the same internet speed to each … Read more

How to Install PTCL Smart TV App on Your Computer?

How to Install PTCL Smart TV App on Your Computer

PTCL Smart TV is an application that permits you to subscribe and watch TV shows live on your device, smartphone, or PC. This application works smoothly on PCs with the help of emulators to operate such android apps. However, installing the smart TV application on your mobile or computer requires you to follow the whole … Read more

PTCL Online Bill – Check PTCL Duplicate Bill and PTCL Online Bill Payment

Pakistan Tele Communication Limited is a Pakistani company that provides landline and internet, and other Wi-Fi services all across. It is denoted as PTCL that provides online bill payment services to its users quickly while staying home. Currently, PTCL offers PTCL duplicate bill service along with online bill payment. So that you could easily get … Read more

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password?

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password

PTCL is a renewed company specializing in delivering communication and internet services and infrastructure to connect people across Pakistan and all other countries. To provide internet services, the company offers different routers and modems by various brands. However, PTCL is considered the largest telecommunication & internet service provider in Pakistan that has won more than … Read more

What are the Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan?


COVID-19 pandemic somehow kept every person locked in homes, and everyone was seeking some ways that help them spend their time magnificently. Some passed this chronic time by playing video games, and some spent it by watching Netflix. However, many students and teachers were mostly found in Zoom meetings. But what is common in all … Read more