Jazz Speed Test | Check Your Jazz 3G/4G Internet Speed

Jazz is currently one of the best and largest internet sources that provides internet to more than 55 million people. Maintaining its reputation in the market, jazz had won the ookla speed test award in 2019. After winning this prize, it is visible that they have struggled to increase their performance, and now the overall speed is 11.60Mbps.

Similarly, it offers 3G and 4G internet packages with unlimited internet speed. All these packages are either postpaid or paid. Hence, their Wi-Fi devices are now selling like hot cakes in the market. If you are also a jazz user and want to know if your internet speed matches the overall speed of jazz 4g, you have to conduct a jazz 4g speed test.

The significance of performing this Jazz Speed Test is that you will get to know about your device’s speed. Also, is the appliance you have bought is up to mark or not? Therefore, today I have covered some of those aspects that will guide you all about jazz.

So, let’s start with our main topic.

How to Check Jazz Internet Speed?

Checking your internet speed is straightforward with the tool provided on the internet. These tools can be easily found on any page. So, before checking your speed, you have to do the following process so that you can accept numbers.

Five Rules to Measure Internet Speed

Usually it happens where people get wrong speed test results and rush towards the company to report. This can affect the company’s as well as customers reputation. Hence, to overcome this issue, here are five simple rules that you need to follow before conducting a speed test. Knowing these strands you will have 100% authentic results.

  • 1-Refresh your Device/ Router

If you are having internet issues and want to check internet speed first refresh your routers. Refreshing the router will simply get them back in sync, the ability of the device to receive, send and decode will be at the same point and you can easily check internet speed.

  • 2-Avoid Using Internet on Any Device

When you do a Jazz Speed Test while any device is connected to your router then you will never get accurate readings. Hence, switch off Wi-Fi connection from cell phone, laptops or tablets and then go for a speed test.

  • 3-Disconnect your VPN

VPN is a technology that is used for security and sometimes slows the speed of the internet. This effect occurs due to the encrypted process of your internet. The purpose of this procedure is to secure your internet.

Still, if it affects the quality of the internet, it’s better to disconnect it before the speed test to get 100% correct reading.

  • 4-Clear Cache

The more the information will be in your device, the more you will face internet speed issues. Your browser will take more time in loading and ultimately you will get frustrated. So, delete that data and then go for a Jazz Speed Test. After the test it’s sure that your internet device will work efficiently.

  • 5-Connect the Device Directly to the Modem for Jazz Internet Check

Instead of using any app to check internet speed, connect your device directly to the source you are checking the speed from. With the help of this you will get excellent speed and your reader will check the exact speed of your internet.

Note: There is no tool on the company’s official page. To check the internet speed, there are some pages that you can visit and get to know about your jazz wired or wireless devices.

What Factors Affect Jazz Internet Speed?

Now that you have an idea about what you have to do before the speed test, here are some essential threads that can affect the quality of your internet speed. Grab the idea about those factors and prohibit their usage in the future for excellent speed.

1-Exposed Copper Wires

Copper wires and no doubt the best wires to consider while having internet setup. But are you preferring the quality of the wires? If not then this is the main reason behind not getting adequate internet speed.

Cracks or removed shields of wires affect the internet passage from devices to gadgets. Hence, either make sure that you consider the best quality wires or place them where they don’t lose their originality.

2-Heavy Transmission Cable Nearby your Device

Looking at the house structure some people decide to place their device where all the electric sets are. But have you any idea about its drawbacks? The major disadvantage is it will affect your internet device and speed quality badly.

Therefore, instead of adjusting it with heavy wires make sure to choose the right and sage place for your router.

3-Weak LAN wire

Using low quality and weak sealed wires surely affects your speed. Therefore, opt for those that have excellent seals that can bear any type of conditions.

4-Extreme weather conditions

It’s a natural process that you cannot control. Hence, still want excellent speed in extreme weather conditions, slightly move closer to your device or disconnect extra gadgets from the devices.

These are some of the physical elements that reduce your internet speed. Make sure that you are having any of the above problems.

List of Cities Under Jazz 3G and 4G Coverage

Below are those cities that are under jazz service.

  • Bahawalpur
  • Peshawar
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Quetta
  • Battagram
  • Karachi
  • Burewala
  • Chiniot
  • Hyderabad
  • Kasur
  • Lahore
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Islamabad
  • Multan
  • Sargodha
  • Sahiwal
  • Sialkot

Ways to Increase Jazz Internet Speed on Phone

There are many ways to increase the jazz internet speed. To make it simpler for you, some comprehensive ways are discussed below.”

  • Use a new sim of jazz 3G.
  • Choose a place where you get maximum signal coverage.
  • Consider 3G OR 4G devices, not 2G.
  • Your browser and mobile cliché should be clear.

Jazz Internet GPRS/EDGE Settings

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Choose “Wireless and networks.”
  • Now go to Mobile networks
  • Tap on the “Access Point Names.”
  • Click on “Menu” 
  • Select a new “APN.”
  • Enter the specific settings and leave other files blank after doing these “save” settings.

Jazz Internet Settings Via MMS

Follow the steps to do internet settings through MMS:

  • Send message “GPRS” on 7342- it’s the jazz internet setting code
  • After sending a text, you will have an internet setting manual for your device

Jazz 4G Device Packages

Package Name Free MBs Validity
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package- Device Only2500030 Days
Monthly Internet Regular – Device Only6000030 Days
Monthly Internet Mega – Device Only10000030 Days
Monthly Internet Heavy – Device Only15000030 Days

 Jazz Wi-Fi Device Packages

Packages Price Details Validity
Basic99930GB30 Days
Regular150060GB30 Days
Mega2000100GB30 Days
Heavy2500150GB30 Days
3 Months Bundle400036GB90 Days
6 Months Bundle10,00075GB180 Days

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Jazz Speed Test

In a recent test, the overall speed of jazz was 14.97, 15.95Mbps for downloading, and 11.60Mbps for uploading.

All the 4G networks are faster than 3G or2G networks. Downloading 4G provides almost 16Mnps of speed that another network usually doesn’t. Moreover, this speed is five times faster than other networks.

  • Send a text message by typing “GPRS” to 7342
  • You will get different data packages to activate.
  • If you are a Prepaid customer, dial *442#.
  • Else, Postpaid customers dial, *443#.
  • After choosing the appropriate one, GPRS Settings will be automatically sent on your jazz sim handsets.

Final Words

Jazz network is the preference of about half of the population of Pakistan because of its internet speed. Through it has maintained its reputation by offering latest and reasonable packages. Not just that, jazz comes with many internet setting options and serves 27/7 to make sure you don’t face any issues. Still, if you face any ambiguity, consider the settings or check your internet speed through the threads discussed above. Work efferently without any speed issue with jazz 4G-Dunya ko bata do!