PTCL Online Bill – Check PTCL Duplicate Bill and PTCL Online Bill Payment

Pakistan Tele Communication Limited is a Pakistani company that provides landline and internet, and other Wi-Fi services all across. It is denoted as PTCL that provides online bill payment services to its users quickly while staying home. Currently, PTCL offers PTCL duplicate bill service along with online bill payment. So that you could easily get your bill duplicate by just entering the user’s mobile number and account ID number.

PTCL is a very appreciable company in Pakistan because it holds reputable roots all over the country. The company offers very affordable internet packages. However, some customers complain about poor internet quality. But, as compared to other internet service providers, PTCL offers pretty affordable packages. Besides, this company delivers PTCL to several urban and rural areas.

In addition to this, it also provides many services to domestic and corporate sectors. Other than the internet, it also offers phone calls, Internet Protocol TV, and other broadband services. Since it has delivered so many services, PTCL is now offering an online billing system as well. 

PTCL has become a satisfactory helping hand for those who are unable to pay bills in banks. This service has simplified many customers’ lives because they can now get online cheques, bill duplicates, transfer money, and pay bills without stepping out. Such services are being provided in Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, and various cities of Pakistan.

How to Check PTCL Duplicate Bill?

You can effortlessly check PTCL bill online by just entering your mobile number and ID number in the given domain. However, if you want to remain anonymous and do not want to provide such information, you can follow any of two methods to successfully check your broadband or landline bill:

Create an Online E-Payment Account

First of all, you need to create an account for online E-payments. For this, you need to provide some information, including your name, mobile number, account ID, PTCL number, and email address. Once the account is created, you can easily check, download, and pay online bills.

By Entering Account ID Number

Usually, many people do not know the ID number of their bills. You can simply find it on your PTCL bill that is mainly dispatched to your address. If you do not know any details, you can get that through your bill.

Account ID is a 10-digit number that is always required to check online bills, get bill duplicates, and pay bills. However, you can easily see the account ID number on your bill and use it for account login.

How to Submit PTCL Duplicate Bill?

Once you check PTCL bill online, you can simply download it from our website for absolutely free of cost. You can submit this bill online by logging in to the official online e-payment account and entering some data. Make sure to download the file in pdf form. Then, just enter your consumer’s mobile number and ID number mentioned on the bill. This process is pretty simple and can be done through our website.

There is a second method of submitting a PTCL duplicate bill. You can take the printout of this bill that you downloaded and pay it manually. Take the hard copy of your duplicate bill to any desired bank and pay it. 

Basically, our primary purpose of the duplicate bill is to provide you a copy of your PTCL bill for personal or official use. Sometimes, people don’t get their bills or lose them, so they can quickly get a duplicate.

Other Methods for PTCL Bill Payment

  • Visit a trustworthy bank such as HBL, UBL, Omni.
  • Use MCB Banking
  • Through Mobile banking services like JazzCash, Easypaisa, Upaisa.
  • Visit nearby PTCL shop
  • Through PSO shops

Factors to Consider While Paying Bill Online

When you pay your PTCL bill online using any method, you must keep several elements in your mind to avoid any problem later on.

  • If you use specific methods to pay bills like Upaisa Wallet or Upaisa Agent, make sure not to provide your mobile number or ID number. You need to enter your landline number and your area code.
  • You need to provide a valid email address for an online bill payment to ensure that you get your e-bill details every month regularly.
  • If you haven’t paid your bill for the last three months, you will face disconnection. So, to avoid such issues, try to pay your bills on time.

Feel Free to Register your Complaints

In case you experience any sort of issue regarding PTCL duplicate bills or online bill payment, you can directly contact the PTCL customer care center to share your problem. You can call anytime because PTCL offers a 24/7 service to get consumer’s complaints. However, the customer care center is quite helpful and brings the best solutions to resolve your problems as early as possible.


  1. Can I check my old PTCL bill online?

Absolutely! You can check your old PTCL bill online by visiting the official website of PTCL. Enter your PTCL telephone number and count the ID number of the bill that you want to check.

  1. What is the Account ID number?

PTCL Account ID is a 10-digit number that is required for logging in to the PTCL account, checking duplicate bills, and paying them. It is available on the PTCL bill, or you can get it by contacting the PTCL franchise.

  1. What is the PTCL MDN number?

If you use a PTCL landline, then you have an MDN number. It is a Mobile Directory Number that is a unique number available on Charji Sim, its jacket, and the device’s box. You can use your MDN number to recharge conveniently.

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