How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Internet Speeds You’re Paying for?

It is sometimes very disappointing when internet service providers offer the highest speed of the internet, but they fail to provide so later on. Especially in this age, the internet consumers have increased drastically, and everyone wants the fastest internet speed. Hence it could be quite challenging to provide the same internet speed to each person.

Besides, so many people’s plans fail to happen just because of poor internet speed. You must have plans too; either watching your favorite movie this weekend or playing online video games with your kids. But how would it be if you don’t get the internet speed you paid for?

In today’s article, I would take you through several steps you can easily perform to ensure you are getting an ideal internet speed. However, there is a chain of steps that should be followed in sequence to get precise results. So let’s begin with our first step.

Test your Internet Speed

To test your internet speed, you don’t need to call your ISPs or step out of your home; thus, you can simply test the speed by staying in. There are numerous online internet speed test websites on the internet that help you check your internet speed. However, there are certain steps you need to follow to test your internet speed precisely.

  • Connect your PC directly to your router through an Ethernet cable.
  • Open Chrome or any search browser.
  • Type “”
  • Click on the “Go” button.
  • An accurate internet speed would be in front of you within seconds.

PTCL Speed Test would show your upload and your download speed. If you see that the results are slightly up or below, there’s nothing to worry about. But sometimes your internet speed may fluctuate, so you should execute the test at least 2 to 3 times. Doing multiple tests would show more precise results. However, if you notice that the speed you are getting is significantly low, then there are certain methods that you can use and boost your internet speed up. However, you would discover these steps on the same website,, and you would enjoy the skyrocket speed of your internet.

Internet Speed Measurements

Internet speed tests are measured in Megabits per second, usually called Mbps. However, every Intent provider offers a different internet speed accruing to the package you pay for. The more expensive the package, the more speed you would get. Below, I have discussed various numbers of internet speeds and how much speed is adequate for a certain task.

Internet SpeedIdeal Uses
1 to 3 MbpsThis is the lowest and usually cheapest speed you would get. At this speed, you can easily send and receive emails, online messages, social surfing, web surfing, and some light online games. But it is not ideal for video streaming either on Facebook or YouTube.
4 MbpsAt 4 Mbps, although you can watch videos but not in HD quality. You can hardly stream Facebook or YouTube videos. And this is only applicable for one device at one time. If multiple PCs or mobile phones are connected with this speed, don’t expect to watch videos without interruption.
5 to 10 MbpsThe least internet speed requirement by Netflix is 5 Mbps. You can easily watch Netflix HD streams. However, 5 Mbps is only ideal for a single screen only. Yet, the more the speed, the more screen you can watch simultaneously.
10 to 20 MbpsIf you want consistent interruption-free internet, this is the minimum speed you would need. If you do loads of work, such as continuous download and upload, you must adopt a speed of at least 10 Mbps.
Above 20 MbpsIf your house consists of multiple PCs, gadgets like PS4 or other consoles, or other smart appliances, you should purchase a speed of at least 20 Mbps package.

If you are looking for some Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan, who provide high-speed internet at affordable rates, I have composed a separate article on it.


I hope these guiding steps are useful for you and now can easily test your internet speed. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issue regarding your internet speed, you can perform certain procedures to enhance the speed. If nothing works, you must contact your ISPs and ask them to resolve the issue immediately. Now that you’ve also got to know about how much speed is sufficient for which task. Identify your requirements and adopt the most suitable package for you.

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