How to Install PTCL Smart TV App on Your Computer?

How to Install PTCL Smart TV App on Your Computer

PTCL Smart TV is an application that permits you to subscribe and watch TV shows live on your device, smartphone, or PC. This application works smoothly on PCs with the help of emulators to operate such android apps.

However, installing the smart TV application on your mobile or computer requires you to follow the whole procedure. PTCL, as one of the largest telecommunication companies in Pakistan, offers innumerable services and products to its customers. These services include a fast 4G internet device and several applications.

Currently, the most enthralling service by PTCL, which is being admired by many users, is the Smart TV PC. This application provides a remarkable experience to watch live TV series, movies, news, sports, kids’ shows, and all other channels.

With the smart TV PC app, you can quickly connect and start streaming entertaining shows on your device. However, you need to sign up before starting streaming.

But, how to install PTCL smart TV app on your computer, and what are its benefits? Today, I am here to answer several questions so that you get to know everything about this application and enjoy TV entertainment on your device.

Features Offered by PTCL Smart TV

The PTCL Smart TV application is a one-package of whole entertainment that provides multiple features, which include:

  • TV on-demand
  • Movies of different genres
  • Documentaries
  • TV series
  • Live TV channels
  •  Sports
  • Religious channels
  •  News
  • Kids’ programs

What do you need to Install the PTCL Smart TV Application?

In order to install the PTCL Smart TV app on your PC, there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, these requirements are:

  • PTCL broadband connection of at least 2Mbps
  • A computer that supports a minimum of Windows 7 version

Check your broad band connection speed Here

Execute the Process to Install PTCL Smart TV App

Below is a 14-step procedure that you should follow and successfully install the PTCL Smart TV application on your PC.

  • Go to the web browser and click on this link from your computer.
  • Now, go to the Sign-in button on the top right of the screen.
  • Log in to the application by entering the username and password in the given domains.
  • However, if you are using the smart TV app for the first time, you need to install the application first.
  • To install the PTCL smart TV app, install the BrowserPluginHelper extension first.
  • Once you install, you will be addressed to the page where you can download and install the application.
  •  Click on the Download button and wait to complete the procedure.
  • You will be asked for a security check after downloading the application. Click on Keep and continue.
  • Once everything is done, the file will be located in the Downloads folder.
  • Double-click on the downloaded application to run it as an Administrator. The installation process will start.
  • When the installation is done, select Finish to complete the process.
  •  Open your browser again and click on the same link again.
  • Now, sign up for the PTCL Smart TV app and set your username, password, and other required information.
  • You will be signed in; now, you can effortlessly enjoy your unlimited entertainment and watch news, sports, TV shows, movies, and music channels.

If you want to install the PTCL smart TV app on your mobile phone, you can simply install it through the play store or app store.

How much does it cost to install the PTCL smart tv app?

The PTCV Smart TV application is absolutely free of cost for the PTCL broadband and Charji customers. You can enjoy multiple live TV programs, movies, and TV on-demand whenever and wherever you want.

On the other hand, if you use a PTCL landline only, you need to pay only 99 Rs per month.


Once you install the PTCL Smart TV app, it starts working directly after running it as an administrator. You don’t need to make any changes to your PC. you can use it just like the other applications on your device. You can now enjoy live TV no matter where you are. 

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